from institutionalised dependency

of expat women in the EU + globally

to inclusive economy for ALL

Sustainable ​Expatriation




Expat women

crisis in Europe 2023.

The Sustainable Expatriation Foundation

unites CEOs of the global brands

to pledge, PROTECT, RESPECT & REMEDIATE ​women who lost their careers, health & ​economy in corporate expatriation.

Sustainable corporation?

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our work

The Statue of Justice - Lady Justice or Iustitia / Justitia the

Committed to

expat women's human rights ​to work & re-integrate ​

back into the economy & life​

SEF is a young public benefit non-profit organisation ​advocating for the end of institutionalised dependency ​of expat women in corporate global supply chains.

We volunteer to ensure access to justice, meaningful ​consultation and effective remedy for the most ​vulnerable and left behind in global corporate ​expansion.


Uniting Big Three

for Sustainable Expatriation

Expat Mental Health &

Social Protection

We develop free 24/7 online ​expat lifeline.

Lady Justice

Indefinite Expat Partner ​Human Rights to Work + ​Re-integrate

We push for governments ​worldwide to protect, respect ​expat partner

dual careers.

Expat Women in Crisis

Emergency Fund

We back up expat mothers in ​financial crisis.

Denmark map and flag, map icon with highlighted Denmark

SEF Nordics

Our Nordic website is coming soon:

c/o SEF Nordics


Amaliegade 10, 1256 København

We just launched our first SEF filial in Copenhagen, Denmark!

SEF has its headquarters located in The Hague.

SEF Nordics, the birthplace of Sustainable Expatriation, oversees operations in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

By 2023, we intend to expand our reach globally, from the North to the South, East to West, to guarantee that expats worldwide can experience Sustainable Expatriation.

Endless thanks to Mazanti-Andersen for making SEFs return to Denmark a reality!

Uniting Big Three

for Sustainable Expatriation

Staffing, Recruiting And Employee Selection Concept

EU Workforce

Re-integration Priority

We advocate for expat women inc​lusive European ​Parliame​nt DEI implementation, integra​tion & socioeconomic inclus​ion of women in expat s​situa​tions.

Fair Recruitment

for Serial Expat Women

We partner for priority workforce re-​integration, specific career ​development, upskilling & reskilling ​of serial expat talents invisible in

AI recruitment.


From Depend​ency to

Economic Compe​nsation

SEF is raising funds for the ​developm​ent of grievance ​mechanis​m & aim to pro​vide mediation support ​for e​xpat women left behind​ by a​​ll.

Dedicated to just & ​inclusive economy ​for each expat ​woman globally

Facts & figures

16 years in job search in Sweden

after six years without a right to work as an expat spouse - ​our Founder/SEF Chairwoman story, while supporting ​other expat families in crisis since 2011 in the EU.

80% + of expat families divorce

according to expat psychologists & service providers.

75% + of highly educated expat partners

are out of workforce due to expatriation.

96% of MNEs miss expatriation strategy.

ONLY 35 countries globally

allow partner work authorisation in 2023. Expat ​partner invalidity status is NOT a sustainable solution ​for women.

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Order recording of SEF's 1st webinar

Sustainable Corporate Expatriation

with Marina Malmberg, SEF Founder

Introduction, Q&A for C-level professionals

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Marina Malmberg

Sustainable Expatriation Hybrid Startup Founder/CEO

SEF Chairwoman


Team, passionate about gender equality in corporate expatriation

Zulfiqar Kamal

Finance & Audit Adviser, Sustainable Expatriation Alliance Tech Impact Start-up Co-founder


Attractive Young Lawyer in Office


Marketing & Fundraising Adviser


Gerardo Greco

Adviser, Gendered Tech Innovation

Senior Lawyer


Successful lawyer or business woman


Human Rights Lawyer


SEF official partners:

Denmark/Pakistan IT Entrepreneur Forum

SDG Partnerships For The Goals

SEF Nordics & Sustainable Expatriation Alliance (SEA)

are in the process of incorporation

in Copenhagen, Denmark




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#HeForExpatWomen pledges

starts on May 8th, 2023

Join the Think Tank of men we honour

& help us to raise funds to protect expat ​women in the crisis of economy, career & ​life European Union an​d globally.

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