Sustainable ​Expatriation


from institutionalised dependency

of expat women in the EU + globally

to inclusive economy for ALL


Expat women

crisis in Europe 2023.

The Sustainable Expatriation Foundation

unites CEOs of the global brands

to pledge, PROTECT, RESPECT & REMEDIATE ​women who lost their careers, health & ​economy in corporate expatriation.


our work

The Statue of Justice - Lady Justice or Iustitia / Justitia the

Committed to

expat women's human rights ​to work & re-integrate ​

back into the economy & life​

SEF is a young public benefit non-profit organisation ​advocating for the end of institutionalised dependency ​of expat women in corporate global supply chains.

We volunteer to ensure access to justice, meaningful ​consultation and effective remedy for the most ​vulnerable and left behind in global corporate ​expansion.


Uniting Big Three

for Sustainable Expatriation

Expat Mental Health &

Social Protection

We develop free 24/7 online ​expat lifeline.

Lady Justice

Indefinite Expat Partner ​Human Rights to Work + ​Re-integrate

We push for governments ​worldwide to protect, respect ​expat partner

dual careers.

Expat Women in Crisis

Emergency Fund

We back up expat mothers in ​financial crisis.

Uniting Big Three

for Sustainable Expatriation

Staffing, Recruiting And Employee Selection Concept

EU Workforce

Re-integration Priority

We advocate for expat women inc​lusive European ​Parliame​nt DEI implementation, integra​tion & socioeconomic inclus​ion of women in expat s​situa​tions.

Fair Recruitment

for Serial Expat Women

We partner for priority workforce re-​integration, specific career ​development, upskilling & reskilling ​of serial expat talents invisible in

AI recruitment.


From Depend​ency to

Economic Compe​nsation

SEF is raising funds for the ​developm​ent of grievance ​mechanis​m & aim to pro​vide mediation support ​for e​xpat women left behind​ by a​​ll.

Dedicated to just & ​inclusive economy ​for each expat ​woman globally

Facts & figures

16 years in job search in Sweden

after six years without a right to work as an expat spouse - ​our Founder/SEF Chairwoman story, while supporting ​other expat families in crisis since 2011 in the EU.

80% + of expat families divorce

according to expat psychologists & service providers.

75% + of highly educated expat partners

are out of workforce due to expatriation.

96% of MNEs miss expatriation strategy.

ONLY 35 countries globally

allow partner work authorisation in 2023. Expat ​partner invalidity status is NOT a sustainable solution ​for women.

Red Gradient

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Sustainable Corporate Expatriation

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March 11, 2023

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Marina Malmberg

Hybrid Startup ​Founder/CEO

SEF Chairwoman


Passionate about gender ​equality in corporate ​expatriation

Gerardo Greco

Co-founder, Gendered ​Tech Innovation

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#HeForExpatWomen pledges

st​arts on March 8th 2023

Join the Think Tank of men we honour

& help us to raise funds to protect expat ​women in the crisis of economy, career & ​life European Union an​d globally.

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