together we can restore dignity, employability & mental health of invisible expat minorities, dominantly women, trapped into

overlooked institutionalised dependency

Sustainable Expatriation


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Expat women

crisis in Europe 2023.

The Sustainable Expatriation Foundation

aims to unite ESG/impact investors & CEOs of the global brands to pledge, PROTECT, RESPECT & REMEDIATE women who lost their careers, health & economy in corporate expatriation.

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The Statue of Justice - Lady Justice or Iustitia / Justitia the

Committed to indefinite

expat spouses' human rights to work & re-integrate

back into the economy & life

SEF is a young non-profit foundation for corporate membership, helping olving overlooked institutionalised dependency of expat spouses in corporate global supply chains. Absence of integration into the workforce after years of institutionalised spousal dependency during corporate global expansion caused mental health, vast economic inequalities, primarily of women.

We bring awareness on mental health caused by discriminating expatriation, AI-recruitment. We advocate for the access to justice, policy evolution, meaningful consultation and effective remedy for the invisible all-gender intercultural talent left behind. Join us in building inclusive and sustainable expatriation for all. and help those who struggle to re-integrate back to work and life.

We Unite The World

for Sustainable Expatriation for All

Expat Mental Health &

Social Protection

We develop free 24/7 online ​expat lifeline.

Lady Justice

Indefinite Expat Spouse Human Rights to Work + Re-integrate

We ask governments to stop institutionalised dependency & enable priority workforce

re-integration for lost talent

Expat Women in Crisis

Emergency Fund

We want to support expat mothers in financial crisis.

Our vision is circular:

giving back to each expat woman left behind by MNEs + states

Circular Economy Icon

End Expat Women Dependency

Protect Respect Remediate

Women You Made Dependent


We Unite Big Three + Big Four

for Sustainable Expatriation for ALL

Staffing, Recruiting And Employee Selection Concept

EU Workforce

Re-integration Priority

We advocate for expat women inc​lusive European ​Parliame​nt DEI implementation, integra​tion & socioeconomic inclus​ion of women in expat s​situa​tions.

Fair Recruitment

for Serial Expat Women

We partner for priority workforce re-​integration, specific career ​development, upskilling & reskilling ​of serial expat talents invisible in

AI recruitment.


From Depend​ency to

Economic Compe​nsation

SEF is raising funds for the ​developm​ent of grievance ​mechanis​m & aim to pro​vide mediation support ​for e​xpat women left behind​ by a​​ll.

SEF is dedicated to just & inclusive economy for each expat mother & all-gender expats globally.

Facts & figures

Up to 16+ years to the 1st employment in Sweden

for expat repatriates, partners and self relocating expats.

80% + of expat families divorce

according to expat psychologists & service providers.

75% + of highly educated expat partners

are out of workforce due to expatriation.

96% of MNEs miss repatriation strategy.

ONLY around 35 countries globally

allow partner work authorisation in 2023. Expat partner invalidity or dependency status is NOT a sustainable solution for unstoppable globalization, people and their economic participation.

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Sustainable Expatriation for your employees and future generations.

SEF's Board

Marina Malmberg

SEF Chair,

ESG/Legal Tech Hybrid Startup Founder/CEO, Serial Corporate Expat Spouse, Expat Stress Management & Circular Human Capital Consultant.


Tatiana Korobova

Incoming Co-Director,

International Project Manager & Serial Corporate Expat Spouse


Magenta Circle Gradient


Join our Team!

We are looking for a Board Secretary/

Co-director based in the


(location demanded by Dutch banks)

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Sustainable Expatriation Foundation

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